Knitting Socks

I had to share the following conversation!

Charlie will be four in February. I was Facetiming with him the other evening. I don’t remember discussing knitting socks, but maybe I did show him the small pair I was working on. Obviously Charlie made some kind of connection because I got the following text today from my nephew (Charlie’s dad).

This morning:

Charlie: Where’s Aunt Judith?

Mom: In Halifax 

Charlie: Is she hanging out with her family making socks?

I promptly wrote back – “Better measure his feet; he’ll be next on the list.”

Actually I need to get the shoe size of his two older brothers. Can’t knit socks for one and not the older two!

Child Socks #1

Day before yesterday a friend sent an email asking if I’d be willing to make a couple of pairs of socks for a young child – she’s almost four but she’s small with very tiny feet.

I dug out some leftover yarn from my stash and had a go. Forty stitches, 3″ of leg, turn the heel, decrease through the gusset, then the foot – I had no idea how long to make the foot! My sock charts suggested 13 cm for a size 3-5 shoe – so 13 cm it was.

Took the socks to show my neighbour (who happens to be knitting kids’ socks right now) – oh they’re too short for a 4 year-old, she said. So I contacted my friend and asked for the actual length of the child’s foot – 10 cm! So this first pair of socks will be TOO big (I’ll send them along to grow into…).

I’ve started a second pair – 40 stitches cast on, but I’ll decrease to 36 after 8 rows (if her feet are that small, her ankles will also be tiny). Then I’ll do a foot that’s 10 1/2 cm. The problem is if the sock is too big it will bunch inside her shoe/sneaker and be uncomfortable. The joy of wearing hand-knit socks is how wonderful they feel if they’re the right size.

Pictures of the second pair in a day or two….