Medallion Quilt III

I’ve walked around the table for the past six days trying to decide what to do with the center medallion. This morning I decided equal sides was most important so I finally cut the medallion panel and squared the pieced fabric. Next I cut sashing from the original edge fabric and added it – since the pieces weren’t quite long enough to mitre, I created corners which I added to finish framing the center. Final size: 25 1/4″ – it’s a bit of a problem because the length isn’t divisible by 2 so I am likely going to add another narrow light border (maybe in lighter blue) to bring the finished block size to 26″ or 28″ that way I can start planning the next border in increments of 2″.

Center Medallion

I like how the finished center looks but I remembered I had an asian print with many different medallions – I cut out one of the symmetrical medallions, backed it with Pellon 805 (WonderUnder), fussy cut it. For the moment it’s sitting at the center. I probably won’t fuse it and edge stitch it in place until I have more of the bordering done. I like how the gold/orange brings your eye to the center and the blue is close to the lighter blue in the rest of the piece. I was thinking I wanted a small bit of extra colour in this quilt top and that small bit of gold/orange might just be enough!

Center Medallion With Center Appliqué In Position

That’s it for today – I need to stop and think about this some more – audition fabrics for the next narrow sashing to bring the center up to a workable finished size: 26″ / 28″.