Ugly Yarn – Interesting Sock

I started with this yarn – came in a skein which I balled and wondered whether I’d ever use it. I didn’t particularly like the colour combination and as a rule, these skein-dyed yarns don’t knit up into an interesting pattern.

Ugly Yarn

However, these are the socks that knit up – not bad at all!

Interesting Sock

Finished last evening. Now on to another pair.

I have another skein (which I’ve also balled) not variegated but green on one end, yellow on the other, graduated in between. Were I to knit it up I’d have one green sock and one shades of yellow. What I think I will do with that yarn is knit using both colours at the same time alternating rows to form a spiral. The socks will not match but at least they’ll look similar – we’ll see.

Yellow/Green Ombre Yarn With Turquoise Contrast

As for the Bamboo Quilt top – I’m plodding along slowly. I still have three/four blocks to make, then I have to find something for borders. I don’t think I have anything in my stash that will complement the inner panel so it’s off to the fabric store yet again.

And talking about new fabric – I came across this collection “Blushing Peonies” at Sew With Vision and couldn’t resist buying some. I already have an idea what to make with it.

Blushing Peonies by Moda

I’ve ordered yardage of two more grey fabrics from the collection from The Missouri Star Quilt Company – the greys I have on hand just didn’t blend well enough to work with the other fabrics.

So now to get on with finishing the Bamboo Quilt.

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