Halifax Harbour – II

I didn’t expect to finish this piece so quickly!

I sat down to do some thread painting this morning, and before I knew it the stitching felt completed. I chose not to stitch the boundaries of the fog, or within it, because the fog is a diffuse blanketing of the land/water interface – I wanted to retain its fuzziness. I also decided not to stitch the skyline because I didn’t think I could capture the tiny differences in building height even if I used a 1mm stitch length – I left it alone.

Halifax Harbour In The fog

I added a signature, and a wide outer border/frame. Finishing up these pieces takes more time than I expect – hand stitching the mitred border corners, adding the hidden binding and stitching it in place all takes quite a bit of time and painstaking hand stitching.

I’m going to attempt another version of the city enshrouded in fog – in this second photo taken a few minutes before the one I used as inspiration for the piece above, the city peeking above the fog is more pronounced, the clouds are more defined, as is the fog the Halifax side of the harbour and I like the sea/sky balance better.

Halifax Harbour 2010

This time I may not cut the printed image apart, but instead try to do something with the photo as it is – my inner photographer thinks this image might not want any thread painting and maybe even a hidden binding so that what strikes the viewer will be the city barely visible in the fog. Have to think about this some more.

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