Instructions For Making Zippered Bags

I’m posting instructions for making zippered bags since I’ve received requests about how I make my bags.

I make zippered bags two ways – one using zipper tape which gives a very nice finish to the bag:

Zippered Bag Constructed Using Zipper Tape

I also make bags using zippers:

Zippered Bag Constructed Using A Zipper

The bags look similar, however, I prefer using zipper tape because it simplifies the process.

I purchase my zipper tape from The Zipper Lady who sells the tape by the yard in a gazillion colours – she also sells zipper pulls.

She has video demonstrating how to put the slides onto the tape.

Hope this helps you out.

5 thoughts on “Instructions For Making Zippered Bags

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  2. Thanks, Judith! For posting such clear and understandable instructions for these bags. I met The Zipper Lady at the Sew Expo in Worcester (MA) this year- what a marvelous story she has to tell! About how she has become the Zipper Lady.. Hope you have a nice holiday season. Pat

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