Fabric Face Masks

I’ve been collecting various patterns for creating fabric face masks since I began production on March 20. I have not bothered to write a set of instructions or to make a video tutorial – there are many good ones available.

After a bit of experimenting, I settled on the instructions offered by Leah Day (with some modifications of my own).

All Ready To Go

In case you’re interested here are some of the fabric face mask instructions I’ve collected:

There are a gazillion fabric face mask tutorials/instructions now available – all you have to do is google “fabric face mask”.

Pipe Cleaner Clipped In Place

You can follow my fabric face mask journey through the following links:

I’m about to start another batch of 60 face masks for a second nursing home around the corner from me. This is a pared down version of the previous masks – I’m not adding fusible interfacing to one side; I’m not sure whether I’m  going to add a piece of pipe cleaner or not yet; I thought about using ties but I don’t have any cotton tape in my sewing/quilting stash so it’s going to be elastic cord again.

5 thoughts on “Fabric Face Masks

  1. Hi Judith, I wanted to thank you so much for posting your journey with making face masks. I followed your instructions and they turned out great! Please keep posting all Your projects as I have been following you for a long time and have enjoyed every One of your posts immensely! Take care and stay safe, Joy Stewart (Sister of Deb Cosgrove)

  2. You have been a huge help as I have been trying to make masks for my family and friends. Inspiring how many you are able to get done!!! I am not even close to that fast!!! Stay safe and keep inspiring us:)

    • This isn’t a contest! No rewards for being fast. It’s about doing something you feel is useful in a way that is satisfying to you. Keep at it and stay well!

  3. Thanks for sending this. It’s very timely. I was going to make some and then just yesterday, my neighbour asked if I would make her some. I tried one out last night. It turned out okay, bit I was thinking I would try the pleated kind today. So this is good. ________________________________

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