Another Batch Ready To go

I wasn’t planning on doing another batch of face masks, really! But when a nearby senior residence called (I’d called and left them a message but hadn’t heard back for a week, by then I’d given away the masks I’d finished) I couldn’t say “No” – so I’ve another batch on the go.

Another Batch Ready To Go

I wasn’t going to do it, but I came up with enough fusible non-woven interfacing by using the 1″ grid interfacing I used for the watercolour wall art pieces. I have cut and fused the interfacing to the back of half of the mask fabric. I’ve cut enough elastic for the ear loops, and enough pipe cleaner for over the nose.

Now to get to the sewing.

4 thoughts on “Another Batch Ready To go

    • The interfacing gives the mask some stiffness so it sits on your face but doesn’t hug it. I position the fabric end with the interfacing on what becomes the inside so it doesn’t get sucked in and out with each breath. I’m using what is likely a “medium” weight – a “light” weight would work just as well. And if you have none and can’t get any make your masks anyway. In addition, although I have no scientific evidence for this, it seems to me to provide slightly more impermeability to the mask.

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