Yet Another Watercolour Piece

So I can demonstrate on Wednesday how I finish a hanging, I had to produce another panel for class. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to construct – a colour shading from dark purple in one bottom corner to very light in the opposite one. That was easier said than done – I had no suitable precut light colour squares; instead, I had to go back to my stash and pull out both large and small cuts of fabric in very pale colours that would blend with the purple range I was building. After considerable hunting and cutting, I was finally able to assemble a complete panel.

Once laid out, I stitched the rows (first sewing the 8″ panels together, then cutting apart each row, starting at one end, sewing and pressing each seam open).

Rows Sewn Together (Back)

Next I stitched the columns, again by cutting apart and sewing each column one at a time beginning on one side.

Columns Stitched, Seams Pressed Open

I pressed the seams open as I went along – first finger pressing, then pressing with the iron.

Completed Panel

I’m now ready to add a fused appliqué to the pale side of the panel – that’s for tomorrow. Once the appliqué is fused and thread painted, I will be ready to demonstrate how to add the three finishing layers on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Yet Another Watercolour Piece

  1. Beautiful. What is the grid you iron the fabric on. Do you know name of manufacturer? I could not find at local store and can’t search internet when I don’t know what it is called.

    • I use –
      Pellon Quilter’s Grid 1″ Gridded Fusible Interfacing 44″ Wide by The Yard. I am able to buy it at Fabricville (local here in Halifax) but I found it on I didn’t look further.

  2. This is so beautiful! I’m curious – are you sewing 5/8″ seams? They look bigger than 1/4″. Is that standard for you? Thanks!

    • 1/4” – the blocks are 2” ( small) so the seam allowance looks larger in relation to the blocks. I use my 1/4” quilting foot with the right guide to sew the seams!

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