Escher Quilt – 4

I just finished the first column pair using all 16 triangles (twice):

I will end up with an almost square quilt top – 48 wide x ~ 52 long. I can’t add more elements to lengthen each column because I’ve run out of some of the fabrics. So this is it. I could change the width/length ratio by assembling just 7 columns instead of 8; that’s a possibility – and then add a dark 3 1/2″ border to extend the size. I’ll make that decision after I have the 128 triangles sewn together.

I’m more pleased than I thought I would be – the Escher illusion works better than I expected it to, given I wasn’t completely lucky with my fabric colour placement – but the interwoven branching columns stand out clearly.

So, just carry on.

6 thoughts on “Escher Quilt – 4

  1. That’s awesome. I’ve been wanting to try an Escher. Your tutorial has given me more courage to lean into to. I’m also more fond of the large print Kaffe’s. So I think I’ll use Batiks instead. Thanks also for including your mistake and how you uncovered and corrected it. I appreciated that the most. Well done đź‘Ź

    • Batiks will work nicely, too. Just be sure you have definite lights, mediums, and darks otherwise the colour flow may not be obvious.

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