A Few New Photos

I haven’t taken a lot of photos for the past several weeks but there are a few new ones to share.


Came across this patch of Malva growing beside the ice cream store in downtown Halifax.


This hydrangea grows beside MaryAnn’s front steps. I love the combination of large flowers and tiny florets.

Day Lily

The small front garden across the street from my chiropractor’s office was filled with blooming orange and yellow day lilies a couple of weeks ago.

Walking The Dog

I’m fascinated by the natural rock wall on Regency Park around the corner from where I live. Last week the hawkweeds were spectacular with a bit of thistle thrown in. As I was taking pictures this man was walking his dog. I didn’t react fast enough to get a burst of photos as he walked down the street. I need to be more prepared for the unexpected. This could turn into a wall art piece. I edited the image using a couple of photo editors on my iPhone, removing a couple of extra poles and the wires holding them in place.

It’s raining and dark today – not a great day for photography. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

9 thoughts on “A Few New Photos

    • I have 10 blocks completed then yesterday my new desktop Mac arrived – and I lost the day and I’ll lose most of today trying to get everything set up. However, looks like this new computer is going to work!

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