Art Labs – August 2021

Friday I took eight quilts and 12 wall art pieces to Parrsboro to show at the Art Labs Gallery. I knew it was a shared exhibition with two women who do rug hooking – but I had been told most of their pieces would be stand-on-the-floor works – laundry baskets, chairs, stools… Well, they were, but several were “hung” which cut my showing space in half. I was able to hang 5 quilts and 4 wall art pieces. A disappointment because the wall art pieces I’d chosen showed the evolution of my “printed on fabric” appliqué technique – the pieces all had people in them which I wanted to showcase.

At Five Islands; Wind Waiting

The most recent piece with one of the earlier pieces. I’m still very fond of the mood of these three guys at Fox River wishing the wind would moderate so we could launch our paragliders.

Escher Quilt

This is the piece you see from the doorway – it’s straight ahead of you as you walk into the gallery space. At that distance you see the 3D illusion clearly.


This quilt also is striking when you see it hung. The shaded border, the asymmetry of the piece, the colour movement are all apparent.

Skyline #1
Skyline #2
Skyline #3

I forgot to take a photo showing the three Skyline quilts hanging side by each on the wall. They make a strong triptych which was my intention when I created these pieces.

Into The Future

Not for sale, but it’s one of my stronger pieces using the fabric photo appliqué technique. I was so lucky that the sunlight on the children blended so well with the setting I put them in – on Spring Garden Road beside the Public Gardens – the photo of the children was taken at the Toronto Zoo!

On Deck

These were all the pieces I had room to hang. I returned home with three quilts and nine wall art pieces. I could have crammed in a few more small hangings but when I stood back I decided less was more.

The show is on until August 19 when I go back to Parrsboro to take down the show and return the art to my closet. I need an agent in Toronto or New York – anybody got connections to someone who might be interested in representing a textile artist in a market that would understand the art and the work required to create it?

8 thoughts on “Art Labs – August 2021

  1. Judith,

    I asked my friend Pam Ritchie (recently retired professor of jewellery at NSCAD and successful exhibiting artist) if she could provide any advice in response to your question regarding agents. Here’s her reply.

    “try contacting Craft Nova Scotia. (Used to be called Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council), or Visual Arts Nova Scotia.

    I have never used an agent and don’t even know anyone who does. Visual artists often deal directly with a gallery that they have an association with. I have been with a couple of galleries for many years. Galleries mostly take 50 percent. Agents will also take a slice leaving the artist barely able to cover materials. If she is reproducing multiples and is a craft business she may find one useful.

    Ontario Craft council may also have some advice. They do a fair amount of market education for their members.”

    Pam’s website is

    I enjoy your posts and admire your productivity!



    • Thanks for the suggestion Hammy. I looked at Pam’s website – lovely jewellery. I will follow up with her. I have a long standing relationship with the Art Labs in Parrsboro but need something in Toronto or New York. Part of the problem is photographs don’t do the quilts and wall pieces justice. The detail, the use of materials, can really only be seen in person. Again, thanks for taking an interest.

  2. Judith, I adore the Skyline series. I bought one of those panels at Sew Creative in Ashland, OR, and ended up donating it to the Fabric Frenzy sale in Pittsburg, as I just couldn’t come up with some way to treat it. Now I wish I still had it. Oh, well, my stash is still too big, so I guess I’ll just admire your work. 😊

    • Next time let me know you’ve got a panel to give away! I immediately saw the fabric as colour, forget the buildings. I cut the fabric to maximize the colour flow (in three different ways) and break up the buildings. I also added in some strong Grunge fabrics to bring out more colour. Gotta see past the prints and imagine potential. BTW, Jan, this was 108” backing fabric – I bought a meter, then went back and bought three more. Used two but still have some left. Used some for binding the Escher quilt!

    • Another thought – go through your “too big” stash and see what you have that you can reimagine! I bet there will be lots of possibilities there!

  3. Judith, your work is exquisite! I do hope you can find someone to help you exhibit your art in Toronto or New York.

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