Cakes In The Oven…

Cakes In The Oven!

Two hours to prepare the pans (lining with parchement), mix the dry and wet ingredients, add dry to the fruit and mix well, add wet to the whole thing and mix again using a very strong long handled spoon/spatula/whatever you have including hands! I put my lobster pot in one of my kitchen sinks so I can reach inside it easily. I kept licking, then washing, my right hand as I mixed the fruit and batter.

I have 9 two pound loaf pans and 5 small pans now in a 325° oven and it already smells divine!

The small loaves will cook in about an hour/hour and a half; the larger loaves will likely take between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. I’ve set the time on my watch and will keep checking the oven to make sure all is well there.

Because the cakes are all packed in tightly, it takes longer for them to bake – the great thing is this concoction is very forgiving and because I want it baked but moist, slightly underbaking them isn’t a bad thing. I’ll take the cakes from the oven when a wood skewer comes out clean.

I’ll add a photo when I’ve taken the cakes from the oven and put them on racks to cool. It’s a wonderful site. One Christmas thing checked off my list.

3 thoughts on “Cakes In The Oven…

    • It sure is! And last night two pans were filled a wee bit too much and overflowed into the bottom of the oven! What a mess. I had a smoke filled apartment (thank goodness the smoke alarms didn’t go off). I poured water into the bottom of the oven to try to keep the batter from smoking, turned on all fans, air conditioner, opened windows… When the cakes were done I let the oven cool a bit, removed the racks, spread a baking soda slurry on the bottom of the oven to sit overnight. This morning I scraped the bottom with a wooden spatula, sopped up the slurry and shovelled out the dried baking soda, then wiped out the oven. Finally I used the self cleaning option (a combination of heat and steam in my oven) only to have my apartment filled with smoke a second time – some of the baked batter got into the element compartment beneath the bottom panel of the oven and burned even further! All fans and air purifiers on again. Baking soda spread in dishes all over the apartment. Windows open. Gingerbread. I’m going to bake a batch of gingerbread to help change the smell in the apartment. Got a good recipe! Oh, and by the way, the cakes were fine – I tested one toady and they’re moist and flavourful and no trace of smokey taste. Phew!

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