The Last Lily – 2021

Last Lily 2021

I stopped by Chelsea Lane to visit my friend Joan. Parked in the cul-de-sac and as I started up the path there it was – the last Stella Doro Daylily peeking out from the fallen leaves. They bloom profusely, and although we haven’t had any actual frosty nights, they stopped blooming locally around the middle to end of September. What a nice surprise to find this lone bloom standing bravely against the autumn background.

I spent a bit of time editing the image, cropped it, tried intensifying the background colour. And then I happened to produce this:

Edited with PhotoRoom

What a difference setting the bloom against a black background with just wisps of green/yellow foliage. A rather dramatic rendering.

5 thoughts on “The Last Lily – 2021

      • Facebook just told me I had my final Stella d’Oro on this day in 2020. I guess everyone was thrown off by Covid – even my daylilies! 😊

      • It’s not COVID – it’s climate change! I wanted to put my phalaenopsis outside for two weeks when the night temperatures are around 12-15°C. Last year, that was the middle three weeks of October. This year is seems to have been the last two weeks of September. The fall wild flowers appeared here about three weeks earlier than I’m used to. So the Stella d’Oro daylilies ending early shouldn’t be surprising. What surprised me as this lone flower against the fallen leaves.

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