Fall Day

Yesterday we had a wonderful late fall day. Remembrance day. A friend and I took a drive which took us past the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial in Bayswater NS. I didn’t take any photos of the memorial itself, but just as we were walking away the sun came out and highlighted some oak leaves along the pathway. The moss on the trees on the other side of the path was also enchanting. The photos were taken with iPhone 12, no editing.

While I was taking the photos the sun went behind a cloud and I left the spot but as I got back to the car, the sun returned – I quickly went back to capture the golden colour of the sun on the leaves. The glints of late afternoon sun o the trees and rocks on the other side of the path caught my eye as well.

I saw lots of other potential photos but I was driver so I made a mental image but didn’t stop to capture the views.