Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers

Just finished (well, I’ve still have to hand stitch the hidden binding in place). It took several days to do the thread painting – using decorative stitching around each fabric circle, embellishing the flower centres with embroideries, adding leaves, and stitching the detail in the foreground at the bottom of the piece.


Here you can see more of the stitching detail – many decisions: what thread colour, which stitches, stitch dimensions. Most of the centre embroideries I’d already set up from a previous floral hanging but they had to be adapted to fit these smaller centres.

This was the image that inspired the piece:

By Marieka Diepenveen

The piece by Marieka Diepenveen is a watercolour. I particularly liked the irregular concentric blue flower shapes and the tiny leaves growing out of the variable green vegetation. I added more colour and adjusted the dimensions and my circles are regular. My vegetation was dictated by the batik I chose to use which had greenery shapes. I might try another where the flower shapes are irregular….

12 thoughts on “Blue Flowers

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  2. This is wonderfully amazing — I love it! Two questions: final overall size? and — What is the material you used for the two long strip background? It looks linen-like.

    • Final size 12″ x 43″. I intended it to be a wall hanging but it could be used as a table runner or as a bed runner! The background was constructed from quilting cotton – The pale fabric on the left is “crackle”(Northcott), the fabric on the right is a grey “uncorked” (Windham Fabrics), and the narrow centre strip is “pen and ink” (Kauffman). I cut my background strips WOF – I extended the length here by adding the dark batik at a the bottom. In other wall pieces I have used a natural raw silk, and a couple of times I have used linen. In this piece all of the fabrics are quilting cottons.

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