I’ve just added a 1″ border to the panel using the sashing fabric. My intention was to add another 3″ border built from 2 1/2″ cuts of the panel fabrics. I have the assembled strips, I’ve added one to one end – don’t like it at all!

The backing fabric I ordered arrived – the same navy sparkle that I had – whew! – I could now cut a wider outer border from the dark sparkly fabric but I’m not sure that’s what I want, either! I might be fine with this narrow outer border and consider the panel done.

I know my local fabric shop down the street from me has no batik that would work as an outer border (I want something darker rather than lighter) so I guess it’s a trip to Atlantic Fabrics and hope I can find something there.

5 thoughts on “Conundrum!

  1. Greetings from Ottawa, I really like this panel as is. THe skinny borders inside go very nicely with the slightly wider border outside. I look forward to see the solution to your conundrum.

    Thanks for so many interesting ideas. Lucila Spigelblatt

    • I’ve decided to keep the top as is. Now I’m struggling with the back – I’ve got about 2/3 pieced and can’t make up my mind about how to do the rest! I’m thinking about it.

  2. Have you considered cutting the piano key strip into 1.5” strips and using that as a second narrow border, then adding a third wider border of the same fabric you used on the first inner border? That would give a hint of the other fabrics used but not overload.

    • Interesting idea – I’ll have to audition it and see what I think. At the moment I’m leaning toward leaving it just as it is with the narrow navy border and doing a hidden binding!

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