Still Thinkin’ About Drunkard’s Path

I haven’t given up on Drunkard’s Path yet. Instead of the dull colours I started with, I’ve pulled 44 bright fabrics from my stash, mostly batik (and in the in end I may use only batik – I have lots more fat quarters to choose from), as well as a pile of blacks/whites/greys.

The idea this time – I intend cutting the quarter circle elements from the bright colours using the blacks/whites/greys as background. This idea comes from a quilt I came across on Pinterest

Here’s my plan – a 7 x 9 quilt – using 6″ blocks that gives me 42″ x 54″ which I can extend with borders to a largish throw.

My next step is to cut sixty-three quarter circle elements from the bright fabrics (there will be duplicates), and 63 squares from the blacks/whites/greys (selecting more from the lighter end of that collection), then sew them together.

I won’t know what this is going to look like until I get the pieces cut and laid out on the floor and then play around with layout. The quilt above uses the blocks in a straight layout – I may break that up somewhat to create a layered effect with some circles on top of others as I did with the Skyline Quilt #3.

Here goes….

6 thoughts on “Still Thinkin’ About Drunkard’s Path

  1. Hi Judith, I love your quilt, wonderful bright happy colours. The other one you found on Pinterest, I have that saved as well. I have been following you since last February 22 and I was surprised to find out you live in Halifax where I lived for forty plus years and grew up in Bridgewater. I sold my house and have spent the last fifteen winters in Mexico and the summers at my cottage in Green Bay, thirty miles from Bridgewater. I had an idea, why don’t you make your version of the quilt, the drunkard’s path, and I will do the same. Then maybe this summer we could meet for coffee and share notes. Would you be interested? Think about it and let me know. Cheers Linda (Shaffner)

    • Fun idea, Linda. I know where Green Bay is – I used to visit once a year to pick Bayberry fruit to make small sachets for cleaning the soleplate of my iron. The berries are small, hard waxy berries that melt when you run your iron over the sachet – gets rid of interfacing glue!
      Get in touch when you’re in Green Bay during the summer – I’ll make a trip to visit – bringing the quilt with me. I look forward to seeing yours.

  2. Love your drunkards path inspiration. Looking forward to your version. Spending my week getting ready for a 4 day retreat. My retreat theme is scraps. I plan to return with at least one top and parts for 2 more. Fingers crossed.
    P.S. Your amaryllis is wonderful.

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