Drunkard’s Path – Latest Iteration

Latest Iteration

Last night I added fusible web to the back of 9 grey fabric strips, then cut out circles of varying sizes from each. I placed them on the panel, then decided I did need a wee bit of colour against the grey so I added just a few coloured circles in the background. I’ve pinned the circles in place; next I need to press them, then edge stitch using decorative stitches with contrasting thread.

The addition of the small circles pushes the large circles back, foregrounding the small circles. I’m hoping the addition of the bright narrow inner border with a wider outside medium grey will stabilize the whole panel. I’m also thinking I might add just one or two small circles through the borders as well – we’ll see.

Movin’ right along.

7 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path – Latest Iteration

    • Bernie, I was surprised at how much the appliqué changes the look and feel. I think the edge stitching will strengthen that texture even further.

      • Bernie I don’t think about it too much – I started at one end with a few small circles of one fabric in varying size – I had actually cut one size each (5 different sizes) of 9 grey fabrics – then placed a couple of a second fabric – playing with value to get the strongest contrast between appliqué piece and large circle colours. I tried crossing colour boundaries and movement both horizontally and vertically until I was pleased with how the array felt. A couple of hours later I came back to it when I remembered I had a box full of batik circles from the 6×6 pieces and added 7 of those coloured ones into the mix on the grey backgrounds – a hint – I didn’t feel many were needed. This morning I repositioned a few, then pinned all the small circles in place. Hope to fuse them on tomorrow.

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