Making Progress

The plastic surgeon said: “If it hurts, stop doing it!” Good advice – listen to my wrist and judge what I can do by how it feels.

Still a bit of discomfort but not much pain to speak of. My hand remains a bright pink from the antiseptic – I haven’t been able to wash it with the dressing on (the dressing comes off tomorrow).


I managed to shower again (more or less) with one hand – my right hand held high encased in a plastic bag with an elastic band around my wrist – not supposed to get the dressing wet until I take it off. Brushed my teeth, dressed myself, all with less struggle than yesterday.

One of my neighbours brought me stewed lamb for lunch (I love lamb) – I was actually able to pick up a fork in my right hand and eat – when I started feeling the strain I switched to my left hand but I can see I’ll be able to use my right for more tasks quite quickly – just NO lifting of anything more than 1/2 lb for a couple of weeks.

Another day and I might actually be able to drive my standard transmission car. I plan on visiting the vehicle in the garage tomorrow to see if using my fingers and arm lets me manoeuvre the gear shift without putting undue strain on my wrist – if I can pass that test, I’ll take the car out for errands. However, if there’s any pain, I will STOP doing it. I heard the surgeon loud and clear!