Jellyroll Quilt – Finished

I actually finished the quilt before I went to Toronto to visit my sister’s kids and grand-kids 10 days ago. I was happy with the border and how the mitre worked so well; with the splashes of colour; with the quilting design and how well it filled the block…. I was pleased with the second side and how it used the leftover bits and I had enough border fabric leftover to add a stripe to the back.

The only thing I might have done differently was to use a lighter thread for the border. I chose a dark variegated thread to blend into the border but I could have used a little contrast.

The quilting shows best on the second side:

The class meets again tomorrow – our focus will be on embroidering in the hoop – how to hoop, how to center the block, how to precise position the design, how to embed thread ends within the quilt. And we’ll discuss various ways of binding a quilt.

I will try arranging another get together in a month to show off the finished quilts. 

Jellyroll Quilt Class II

I wanted to construct a quilt using the same techniques that the class participants were using but I wanted to see what the quilt would look like in just two fabrics.

A half a dozen blocks later I could tell I needed some added colour so I inserted coloured centres in three blocks.image

The quilt laid out looked like this – not enough colour…image

So I added more until I was satisfied with how the coloured flowed within the quilt.image

I prepared an insert strip for the backing (in the photo it’s laying on the backing fabric) and sewed the backing together.IMG_7143

When I put a quilt together I tape the backing to the floor wrong side up, place the batting on the backing (right side up – who knew there’s a right and wrong side to batting but there is!), then finally the top (right side up). Then I get down on the floor and pin the three layers together.

This time I decided to try an idea I’d seen on pinterest using pipe insulation. I didn’t have pipe insulation but I did have three pool noodles!

I rolled the backing on one (so it would unroll wrong side up), the batting on a second (so it would unroll right side up), and the top on the third. This allowed me to assemble the quilt on my dining room table! I rolled out a small amount of all three and pinned them together, folded over the pinned part, rolled out a bit more, pinned, folded over until I had the quilt pinned.

So now the quilt is ready to stitch in the ditch and be quilted in the hoop – I’m ready for class which begins in about 15 minutes so I better close up and get moving!IMG_7166

Jellyroll Quilt Class I

imageThe class came about when I showed Bonnie this jellyroll quilt made from a jellyroll I’d “won” one evening at an event at her shop Sew With Vision. “Good idea for a class she said.” I agreed to do it.

However I had no interest in taking another jellyroll and repeating the quilt for the class so the challenge I set for myself was to create a strip quilt with just two fabrics. I picked out two contrasting fabrics and got to work.


I joined pairs of strips – one light, one dark. Cut triangles (8 from each pair of strips), joined pairs of triangles to make 6″ blocks, trimmed them, assembled large blocks from four small blocks alternating colours at the center of the big block.

I’d made five large blocks when I thought I needed a bit of colour to make the quilt work.


I inserted a colored center into 3 blocks and stopped there. I finished the remaining blocks today and laid them out on the floor:


Not enough colour. So I added a bit more

imageThat’s it. I was going to add sashing but I think any sashing will disrupt the improvisation so I think I will leave well enough alone although I will probably lay out a couple of sashing strips to see how they look.

I’m stopping for now.