Today’s Project

I was very happy with the crazy quilt bag I made to take to Peru. It worked very well – didn’t weigh much, held what I wanted to carry with me (including a small pack of tissues, hand cleanser, small wallet with credit cards, my Swiss army card, cloth for cleaning my glasses…).

So yesterday, after I finished the quilt top and back, I got out the two leather skins I bought in New York in the spring of 2012, cut pieces for the back and front, cut lining pieces, picked up some longish zippers (I like using a zipper longer than I need and trimming it to fit – rather than working around the slide) and so after I finished pinning back, batting, and top of the quilt together this morning I made up the leather bag. It’s just shy of an inch wider than the original (9 1/2″; a bit under 9″ tall – a useful small size), with pockets on each side of the lining of the main compartment.

Used it this afternoon – comfortable and holds the small amount if stuff I carry with me. And wearable in the rain and snow unlike the fabric one.