Ironing A Shirt

I’ve posted this before but it’s worth posting again. The topic came up yesterday with a sewing friend visiting from Toronto. I had to do some looking around to find the video. Once found, I mailed myself the URL so I could find it once again. Click here to watch this guy iron a shirt in three minutes flat!

Ironing A Shirt (in 3 minutes)

Not kidding – he makes the whole process understandable and very easy to do. Pay particular attention to how he does the collar/collar stand. The way he does it eliminates the ends of the collar sticking out.

Seriously, check out the video then try it out. I have lots of shirts I’ve made for myself. I’m about to make another couple using some wonderful Liberty cotton I bought at Britex in San Francisco a couple of years ago. I no longer avoid wearing and washing my shirts because I know how to iron them easily.

Ironing A Shirt

I just finished ironing a couple of shirts; I manage to do a reasonable job after having watched the video by TM Lewin (a shirt maker in England). Click here if you want to learn how to iron a shirt in just three minutes. You’ll find several useful tips in the video.


I originally got the link from Pam Erny – a professional shirt-maker who makes wonderful shirts.

I’ve got fabric for several shirts – purchased in New York and Portland – time to think about using some of it.