Socks Done


This is the pair using leftover yarn. I interspersed the variegated with a solid peach for the leg and instep. When I ran out I added a solid light grey. The point is to stretch out the variegated as far as it will go. I suppose I could stretch it further were I to use a third inserted colour.

This was the original pair knit from the variegated with contrasting cuff, heel, toe.Andrea Cook


I may have been quiet for the last three weeks but I’ve been knitting and sewing away each day!

Finished this pair of socks from leftover bits of yarn. I find I enjoy turning those bits of yarn into something that’s even more interesting than some of the variegated patterned yarns.

I like this pair so well that they’ve gone in my sock drawer instead of the give-away pile.

Of course I started a next pair straight away.



So here they are – done. I was able to extend the leftover variagated blue / white / maroon yarn to be able to knit most of each sock with some kind of pattern. I like how the part around the ankle interspersing white and the patterned yarn turned out. 

Now into the give-away pile.