20130901-141459.jpgAnother Pair of socks done!
I customized the yarn a bit here – I eliminated the multicolored band after the first one just to keep the rest of the pattern more subtle.
I have a second ball of this peach color – I’ll get to those socks after a couple in other colors.

Kite Flying

I took my friend Sumitra’s two nieces kite flying yesterday afternoon. I haven’t been flying – must be three years since Ben, Zach and I took a couple of kites out for a spin. The night before I went through my kites to find a couple of “easy” fliers – kites that would fly reliably in light wind which is what the forecast was predicting.

We went to the Bedford waterfront. The wind was light at first but we managed to get kites aloft and we flew for about half an hour before the wind dropped. We were nearly packed up when the wind returned, the direction shifted a bit, with some strength. We got the kites out again and had fun for another 40 minutes or so.

The wind was strong enough to support my large “snowflake” box kite which has a strong pull. There was sufficient wind strength for the kite line to “sing”. The young women, who had never flown kites before, and I had a great time. I have to go again soon!

20130901-082603.jpgThe girls took a photo of me putting on my gloves as I was flying the Snowflake…

kite flying