These are a few of the pysanky (Ukranian Easter Eggs) I have done. Painstaking work even with an electric stylus. This is a collection of eggs I did a number of years ago to showcase the better executed ones. Most I simply gave away.

Haven’t done any for several years – stopped making them (although I still have all the supplies, including the dyes) for two reasons: first, working with the stylus had become painful – my right wrist would ache when I attempted the small movements required by the designs; and second, the shells of local eggs in my supermarkets seem to have become much more brittle than they used to be. The last time I did pysanky I managed to bring just two eggs through the entire process out of the dozen I began. Hairline cracks destroyed the eggs in the heating process to remove the wax – so I gave up.

Maybe this spring I’ll have another go at making pysanky – it’s always so interesting to see how they turn out.

Here’s some information on pysanky.

This is the book I have used.

Here is a YouTube video showing the process.

2 thoughts on “Pysanky

  1. I married into a Polish family where these eggs were highly regarded Easter decorations. I have inherited a collection of these wooden Pysanki eggs, some being the size of the Hershey chocolate eggs- about 1″. Lots of painstaking work in crafting them! Yours are exquisite!

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