Fossil Fern Quilt

IMG_2432Back at quilt making. Haven’t done one since mid-September – I don’t have a recipient in mind but this will certainly make a good baby quilt for someone – just because the outer border and the back will be in that blue fabric with dots (look like coffee beans, actually), doesn’t mean I can’t give it to a girl child. The other side will also be pieced – haven’t decided exactly how I will do it.

This was twelve fat quarters from the Benartex Fossil Fern collection I bought during the summer. I went through it and picked out contrasting pairs trying to set up a “rainbow” of colours. There’s still a lot left from the fat quarters – the finished blocks are 6″ X 6″ – three of each of twelve colours – that was simply a 6.5″ strip from the longest dimension of the fat quarter, plus another 1″ strip. I’ll use a bit of what’s left to do something on the back of the quilt.

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