Another Pair of Socks

ed kinleyDuring the summer I made a visit to my GP – he had on a lovely pink shirt – it looked wonderful on him. Having just finished the Sweet ‘n Spicy socks I made for myself, I thought a pair in the same colour would be great for him. I picked up the yarn, but had to wait to make the socks since I didn’t know his shoe size. A couple of weeks ago I happened to visit again and asked him for his shoe size. You can imagine the look I got. I explained why I was asking. Finished them last evening. In the end, although I did have a lovely pink/peach solid Sisu yarn for cuff, heels and toe, I decided to use a deep royal blue – I figured the socks would be somewhat less “pink” and he might actually wear them. I’ll take them to him the next time I make a visit to the clinic – but they’re given with a caveat – if he doesn’t wear them, he has to give them back! I don’t put that kind of time into knitting to have the socks just sit in a drawer!

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