Travel Pillow

IMG_2527I have a travel pillow for my head – one I fill with water so to take it anywhere with me means emptying it out, and filling it when I get to my destination. But I also sometimes need a pillow under my knees when my back is being cranky. I realized this morning that if I made a tube (I measured the diameter of a rolled up pillow I use now: 22″) of sheeting the length of the pillow and a 22″ diameter, I could roll up and stuff any pillow in it. So I don’t have to take a special pillow when I travel – just take the tube! Takes up no space in my bag.


Gadget Ideas

I can’t resist sharing this email I got from a friend this morning – mainly because there are so many good ideas here that I intend to use myself!

Click on the image below to check them out:



This idea, for example, would be just the thing to fill the water container for my humidifier! I struggle with it in the bathtub – this will work wonderfully well.