Bali: Shopping for Quilting Batik



Shopping in Bali is a bit like shopping the Yellow Pages – for lots of things you go to the location where whatever it is is sold and you will find many shops selling the same commodity. That’s how it was today shopping for cotton quilting batiks!

We returned to Denpasar to the quilt fabric street to look at cotton quilt batiks. Barb and Cheryl, after years of coming to Bali, have established a relationship with a number of wholesale quilt fabric vendors. Rayyis’s shop was our first stop. He had a terrific selection of cotton quilting batiks (there was also a lovely rayon batik selection as well, but having bought some already, I wasn’t interested in looking at those fabrics; my focus was on quilting cotton). Rather than buying large cuts of a few cotton fabrics, I was looking for fat quarter and jelly roll collections which would give me a large number of smaller coordinated fabric pieces.

Rayyis had lots of both making it hard to reach a decision, but in the end I chose two fat quarter collections (19 different fabrics 18″ x 22″ – half of a half yard), and three jelly rolls (40 different fabrics in strips 2 1/2″ x 44″) for a third of what they would cost at home (I am not counting in my travel costs here).


The next stop, a few shops down the street, we found some traditional Javanese prints on a wonderfully silk-like cotton fabric. I couldn’t walk away from it – I bought a meter.


We could have spent days here poking into shops – each with slightly different selections, some high quality fabrics, others of lesser quality – all interesting. But there were other sewing related stops to make so we headed back to the Bali Bakery for lunch. We had eaten there yesterday – as we were leaving, I noticed a shelf of shoes constructed of chocolate!


Our afternoon was spent in two wholesale shops across the street from one another (both part of the same business) browsing through beads, lace, elastic, feathers, you name it. In the end I came away empty handed because either the item I looked at was only sold in large quantity, or because you need a specific notion for a particular project. These items are hard to stash.

By mid afternoon we were done in. We returned to the hotel and spent an hour in the pool cooling off.

Tomorrow it’s indigo dying.

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