Bali: Start Your Engines

I’ve tried capturing the traffic in photos but photographs don’t come close. Nor would a bit of video!
Bali traffic just has to be experienced.


At a stoplight, the motorcycles and vehicles line up as if they are on a Formula 1 track waiting for the checkered flag to start the race…the light changes and they’re off at top speed all jockeying for position. God forbid you might want to cross the street.

[Correction: My neighbour Joan, a Formula 1 fan, informs me that the checkered flag comes out to end the race, not to start it – the race start is signalled with lights!]

Yesterday, we had to cross the street near a busy intersection – had there not been security guards on both sides of the road we’d be standing there still. You have to be brave enough to actually step out with your hand extended signaling “stop” and pray the bikes and cars will actually notice and you have to keep in mind the traffic direction is the opposite of North America so be sure to look LEFT first!


This is contemporary Bali. And on the narrow streets the Balinese ability to judge millimeters is simply to be admired! I couldn’t come close.


2 thoughts on “Bali: Start Your Engines

    • I have nothing but admiration for Bali drivers whether on motorcycles or in vehicles. I have good spatial sense – nothing in comparison to theirs. I’m an aggressive driver at home – here I would be a terrified wimp!

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