Socks with a Hint of Glitter

Finished this pair of men’s socks last evening. They’re for my brother-in-law – he’s adventurous when it comes to socks so I thought this colourful pair (with a hint of glitter) would work for him!

Another pair is already underway…

2 thoughts on “Socks with a Hint of Glitter

  1. Hi Judith, you must really be the Sock Queen!!!! Fabulous socks, amazing to me that you can knit them so fast! Pat

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    • It takes me 25 hours to knit a pair of socks – I knit maybe 2-3 hours in an evening (that way I’m not wasting my time in front of the TV). So it’s 8-10 days (more like 12 days) to knit a pair. I don’t like leaving needles empty so the next pair starts as soon as one pair is done. I find knitting socks (which makes me feel productive) very relaxing.

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