Modern Quilt


Just finished piecing this top for a “modern” quilt. What makes a quilt “modern”? Bold colours, improvisational piecing, layout, asymmetric design….

These are the fabrics I originally bought for the 2015 Craftsy Block of the Month quilt that I was going to make along with Nancy (@ Sew With Vision) but truth be told, I don’t particularly like that BOM quilt and the thought of working on it for a year wasn’t appealing. So I started looking at photos of non-traditional quilts and decided this one would do for a start.

I pulled more fabric from my stash so I was working with 20 fabrics in all. The intention was to create a colour flow on the diagonal, with the entire set of coloured blocks also on a slight slant. To make the coloured blocks pop, I sashed them with the background fabric so the whole has the appearance of a stained glass window. The combination of large and small blocks also added contrast to the whole.

Now to come up with something interesting for the back. I’m thinking a crazy quilt strip would work with this piecing. We’ll see once I sit down with the fabrics (I have enough left for several more quilts!) what actually comes out. That’s the fun part of this kind of quilt-making – I never quite know what I’m going end up with – that’s what I think was wrong with the BOM quilt – I really don’t enjoy following a recipe – I will continue to download the instructions for the blocks to see what new techniques I might pick up, but I’m not going to make those pieced blocks.

7 thoughts on “Modern Quilt

    • This quilt came from a photo I’d seen on Pinterest of a Zen Chic Quilt by Brigitte Heitland called “Shine Through“. It was a downloadable pattern at some point, I think, but I just checked her website and the quilt isn’t there.
      [I just found the pattern here – don’t know if it’s still available or not – worth asking.] BTW – May 3 2020 – I contacted the Fabric Patch to ask whether the pattern was still available – got a reply this morning that is still is!

      My finished blocks are 4″ so I cut 4 1/2″ squares, laid them out on-point, then turned the whole 30° to the left then filled in the empty sides with background fabric. Modern Quilt In Progress I improvised the sides by using masking tape on the carpet to mark the outsides of the quilt and filled in with squares of background fabric then trimmed the outside edges straight. Hope this helps.

      BTW the pattern is for a queen size bed quilt. Mine is a large throw – 45″ x 61.

  1. The Urban Pheasant here! As you can see at my blog I AM continuing on the challenge and although I love what you did with our fabrics, I am disappointed in your lack of commitment here! I feel abandoned! I feel adrift! I feel pressured to stay the course now just to show you up even more!

    I am also taking on the Nancy Zeiman BOM. What is wrong with me?

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