Charm Quilt I – Finished

Just done. Label and all. I’m pleased with how the quilt turned out. I like the contrast between the two muted background fabrics and the individual swatches – each is strong and colourful, yet they blend well.

I wasn’t sure about the bold batik I used for the back – whether it complemented the insertion or not, but now that the quilt is completed I’m happy with the result.

This quilt I think has found a home in my living room- it fits in better than the quilt I had there.

6 thoughts on “Charm Quilt I – Finished

    • Melanie, I saw a photo and worked from there. I was teaching a class and wanted the gals to be able to analyze quilt construction from photos of completed quilts. I realized I had some charm packs and decided to give the quilt a try. It’s actually a very basic design with impact when done. A nice simple modern quilt.

      • It’s all yours! If you need help figuring out the construction just ask. But I’m guessing you see how this was put together already. I finished by quilting in the hoop which took a bit of planning – in the end I embroidered only the blocks (with borders) and not the joining strips. I stabilized the layers by stitching in the ditch across the horizontal lines and not the verticals which would have required the jogs.

      • Yes, pretty easy assembly I think. I quilt on my longarm so would do an edge to edge, probably something pretty simple so it doesn’t interfere with the clean lines. Thanks much!

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