Shadow Quilt – Quilt Back

I started this insert for the Shadow Quilt back by cutting 2 1/2″ strips of the fabrics used on the top and sewing two strips together. At that point I wasn’t sure what I would do with the double strips. I ended up cutting equilateral triangles, sewing pairs into diamonds, then compiling four diamonds into a larger one.

This large diamond gave me 9″ for the start of what I intend to be a 14″ strip.

I aligned five large diamonds end to end: 75″ – long enough for the quilt back but I wanted to fill in where the points touched. I added single small diamonds on each side in the space. That still left ten half-diamonds needed on each side. The easiest way to figure out the dimensions for these half-diamonds was to place a sheet of paper beneath the diamond layout and draw in the missing half-diamond (I added a 1/4″ to each angled side to be sure there would be adequate seam allowances).

I did the same for the 1/4 diamonds needed to complete the ends as well.

Now diamonds are pieced in diagonal lines. Because I was improvising as I went along, I already had the large 4-part diamonds sewn which complicated the process somewhat. In the end I laid out the pieces and assembled the strip section by section.

Width so far: 9 1/4″ – so I’ve cut strips for each side:

The borders: 1″ red, 1/2″ dark grey, 2 1/2″ light grey on the outside. The strip will be inserted into the darker grey fabric with vertical pale lines and dots.

I’ll add the borders tomorrow.


I returned from Toronto with a couple of pair of worn out socks. One pair was beyond salvation. The holes in the foot and heel were too large to repair. I’ll save the legs and knit new feet, I thought, but there was so much lint embedded in the yarn I knew I’d never be able to restore the legs to a wearable condition. That pair got trashed.

The second pair, on the other hand, had possibilities: one sock had a hole in the toe and both heels were worn through, but the main part of the foot wasn’t worn too badly. So I cut out the heels and removed the cast-off toe portion of both socks and started to work. I knit new heels and toes and those socks are now just like new!

They’ll go in the mail In the next few days.