Always Knitting…


This is the pair of socks I finished last evening. I had only a single 50g ball of the variegated yarn so I extended it using a complementary turquoise. In this case, most of the sock was knit with the two yarns interleaved.

Along the way I made a mistake on the first sock – I decreased a second time in the leg (going from 68 stitches, to 64, and ending up at 60), making for rather snug ankle fit. I had knit too far beyond the second decrease to bother going back and removing it, so instead, I just made a somewhat smaller sock overall! Instead of my usual sock sized for a woman wearing a size 7-8 (8 1/2)shoe, this pair will go to someone with smaller feet (a size 6-7 1/2). I even remembered to knit the second sock to match!

And BTW, I finished edge stitching my way around ALL the circles on the Double Vision Quilt – I worked on that for four days. This evening I finished quilting the complete sandwich having done a very simple piecing on the back (pictures tomorrow). In the end I did rows of straight stitching between the circles in both directions. Tomorrow I intend to embroider the border with a design consisting of interlocking circles. And I’ve selected several fabrics to mirror the colour story for a narrow binding….