Striped Leggings with Top


OK, here are the wacky striped leggings and the black knit tunic I just finished to go with them! Not too bad. This top is a bit shorter and somewhat more flowing than the previous tunics. The small embroidered bag is to hold my phone – no pockets in the leggings or the tunic (the fabric is too stretchy to use a pocket to hold my phone – the small purse is colourful and works well).

I’m even going to wear the outfit out to dinner with a couple of friends this evening!

And that’s it for garment sewing right now. Back to finish the wall piece I began a couple of months ago and I’m thinking about a modern quilt of some sort.

5 thoughts on “Striped Leggings with Top

  1. Hi Judith, I like this outfit! One of the things I do with my clients is proportion. Sometimes we don’t like an outfit but we can’t put a finger on why– and usually it is the color, or the proportion. For a quick proportion guide, measure yourself from the shoulder/neck junction ( where a necklace would sit at your neck by your shoulder) to the ankle bone protrusion on that side. Divide by 8. The number you get will be your proportion number, which, in multiples, mark your best proportion lines for clothing. For example: say you get 6 inches ( sorry I don’t do centis) So 6 inches down from that shoulder/neck junction will be the high vee-neck point. 12 inches down will be another proportion point, often the empire line but on us older girls it is the lower Vee neck line and a line for a prominent stripe or seam in a top…, and continue on with the multiples of (our example) 6… 18″ is possibly a waistline, 24″ down is a hipline, 30″ a nice shirt length, etc etc… it will not surprise you to see that your favorite garments have seams or hems at or very near your proportion lines. The proportion lines may not be at your actual waist or hip- these are lines for your clothing, really an illusion of perfect proportion. This does help with deciding the correct length for a tunic! Let me know what you think of this! Pat, who is on crutches now with a knee injured in skiing😔

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    • Interesting, I’ll do the calculations and see how they turn out – likely quite close to yours. Too bad about your knee injury – look after it. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

    • I measured my body length: shoulder/neck – ankle bone = ~48″. So my proportion # is 6. That makes my “shirt length” about 30″ – the length of the black tunic! Which explains why it looks in proportion. The rust coloured one, and the dark teal are both 31″ – so they’re in the ball park if a wee bit long. I must pin them up an inch and see what that looks like….

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