Peony II

Fused textile 9″ x 12″, backed, unbound.


A piece this small is actually quite difficult to do because the elements I wanted to fuse were so small. Small bits of fabric this size on a finished piece twice as large would have seemed small in relation the overall size, but here they seem quite large. However, I’m pleased with the overall effect.

I might try this technique again on something larger but my purpose for doing this piece was to demonstrate fused appliqué for the class which is happening in just over a week. I certainly learned a lot in the process – about choices of fabric, about building up the layers, about simplification, about contrast, about not being too literal, about templates vs cutting freely.

Whereas in the previous piece I used a hidden binding, this time I did a “pillowcase turn” – cutting the backing piece to size, stitching it (1/4″ seam) right sides together (leaving an opening on the bottom so I could turn it right side out), pressing, then hand stitching my opening closed. Because the art piece itself is multi-layered, when the seams are turned to the inside, the back ends up a bit loose – I haven’t been able to figure out a way to get the back to lay flat other than to use a hidden binding to apply it. I will have to keep experimenting with this.

3 thoughts on “Peony II

  1. Such interesting work! How about writing a book about quilting, and pictorial quilting? Pat, finally back from Bali

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    • Thanks, Pat. There are a TON of books out there on every aspect of fibre art – art, portrait, landscape quilting; traditional quilts, modern quilts, quilting without patterns… I’d rather do it than write about it.
      How was Bali? How are the girls?

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