Medallion Quilt IV – Update

Corner Block – In Situ

This afternoon, I finished and attached a second side border and then began playing with the corner block. I think the Drunkard’s Path is a good idea but the fabric is wrong – much too busy – and I’m not happy with the swirling layout – I’m going to take the block apart and audition the layout to mirror the center with the corner fabric on the outside. I’m OK with the four different fabrics for the outer element of each small block but I need something tamer for the corners, maybe a beige a bit darker than the background fabric I’ve used in the border, or a very pale blue.  I have nothing in my stash that will work here! So it’s off to shop tomorrow.

The outer border will work fine – the swirling design is a bit smaller than in the center but it ties the other elements together.

3 thoughts on “Medallion Quilt IV – Update

  1. An interesting thought – here’s what I’m seeing – the “bargello” is mirroring the “mid-points” in the center square at the same time, when all four are in place, it will also imply another border on point. So I don’t think I want to add more of the “bargello” (besides which don’t have enough of the light fabric I used in that block to do any more…). I’ll keep struggling with the corner block.

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