Black Rock Beach – Completed

Just finished. Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do the piece justice – I’ve tried lightening the blue of the frame and can’t get close to the real colour without distorting the body of the  piece.

Black Rock Beach

I’m happy with the balance of the whole. The piping, which doesn’t show well in the photo at all, pulls out both the orange of the vest and the blues of the water.

Now to find a place to hang it in my apartment – there isn’t obvious wall space in any room. I’m going to have to walk around and decide what to take down so I can display this piece of art.

8 thoughts on “Black Rock Beach – Completed

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    • I print the image on a fine lawn fabric sheet 8.5×11, let it dry for a couple of hours, apply a sheet of fusible web to the back (leaving the paper on), then very CAREFULLY cut out the figure with very sharp scissors, fuse it to the assembled background, then stitch along the colour boundaries to emphasize the elements of the figure and to embed it in the scene.

      • Yes they are, but they’re worth it. I play around with prints on paper till I have what I want then print on the fabric. Also I buy the packages of 25 – less per sheet although the outlay for that package is still a lot. Nevertheless it works for what I’m wanting to do.

      • I use the EQ Printables – Inkjet Fabric Sheets – Premium Cotton Lawn 240 thread count (I find others are too coarse). Expensive but perfect for the job. The inkjet printer has to print cleanly – no lines – so the images are sharp.

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