Skyline #1 – Completed

Here it is. Finished. I just hand-stitched the hidden binding and the label in place.

Skyline #1

I’m quite pleased with how this piece turned out. Final dimensions: 48″ x 64″ – not a bad size for a throw quilt and still reasonable to be hung on a wall should anyone be interested.

I used three different colours of variegated Aurifil (50wt) to quilt the project – on top a darkish purple (with mauve) in the purple corner, a medium turquoise (with light turquoise) in the lighter sections, and a red blend in the peach sections. You really have to look hard to see the differences but it was necessary – a occasional dark purple segment in the turquoise or peach sections would have stuck out; same with a turquoise or red in the dark purple on the bottom right. I used a green variegated thread for the back throughout. That worked well.

I was fortunate, that when I trimmed the backing/batting off, I had enough backing fabric from the four sides that I was able to use the offcuts to bind the quilt. So the hidden binding matches the quilt back!

Skyline #1 – Back

This is the third quilt I’ve used a hidden binding on. I elected to do that here because I felt a regular binding would “frame” the quilt top and I wanted it to be open, without limits. Same with the back, the hidden binding brings the elements to the quilt edge nicely.

Now on to the second in this series.

10 thoughts on “Skyline #1 – Completed

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    • Did you notice the strips of navy grunge are of different widths? The strip, itself, I decided to use without cutting it up – I cut 9″ from one edge of one of the “Skyline” panels I have on hand and used it as it was. In that narrow bit it’s less about “buildings” and more about a riot of colour which is what I want from the fabric.

      • I can’t say in the picture that I did notice they were different widths. In the narrow strip is where I see the buildings and the front is the riot of colour. Aren’t our eyes and perceptions funny?

      • I was definitely aiming for a riot of colour on the front! I am about to start version #2 – using wedge strips – it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the colour when I do that.

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