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I have made my own swimsuits for a long time. I do it to get the fit I want, not because it costs me quite a bit less than buying them. I attend aquafit classes three mornings a week and the chlorine in the pool simply eats suits – doesn’t matter whether I’ve made them or bought them. So I continue making suits – the challenge is finding interesting swimsuit fabric. This fabric I bought at Mill Ends in Portland OR during my trip there in June. I have one other fabric from that trip as well as the two new pieces from Spandex House in NYC which I’ve posted about a couple of weeks ago.

Making a swimsuit is easy – I have a pattern I’ve used for years (still fits), I cut out a couple of suits when I’m making them. It takes very little time to sew them together on the serger – the more time consuming part is putting in the elastic around the legs and the neckline. This time I tried something new – I took my pattern and created a bottom from it, then created a top – a tankini two piece suit – I found I had to put elastic around the bottom of the top portion, or the top had a tendency to ride up in the pool. The elastic around the bottom of the suit top solved that problem.

I have another two piece in the works. I’ll post a photo when I get it done this weekend.