The Final t-Shirt


This is the last of the t-Shirts, made from recutting a man’s XL shirt I picked up at Value Village. I constructed it using my serger, but I hadn’t used ball-point needles, just regular universal sharps. On all the other t-Shirts that wasn’t a problem, but it turned out to be on this one! The universal needle, instead of pushing aside the knit stitches of the fabric, cut the cotton fibre – you could see the beginnings of holes along the seams. I had to resew all the seams (less than 1/8th away from the serged seam) on my regular sewing machine using a ball-point needle. The difference in the appearance of the seam is dramatic.

Now the question is, do I want to add embroidered embellishment to some of these t-Shirts?

Intersections Quilt – Finished

I finally finished the Intersections Quilt yesterday. It took two days to do the stitch-in-the-ditch, quilt the blocks and the border, add the binding and label.


This is the finished quilt top. The design I created to quilt the blocks was done in my 14″ hoop (which requires a turn to complete both sides of the design). I was trying to get the effect of having done the quilting using a long arm quilting machine. Unless you look very closely, you can’t see the design within individual blocks – the quilting does look continuous.


The quilting is more obvious on the back. Again, I inserted a strip of fabrics from the top of the quilt – so I could get away with just a single length of backing fabric. There weren’t quite enough scraps left of the fabrics from the front, so I added others in the green and blue tones from my scrap stash, but you can’t tell – they blend well with those from the top of the quilt. I also quilted the border: this time I didn’t do it free stitching the machine stitch (loops), I created another embroidery to use in the endless hoop – I was surprised how easy it was to align the individual embroideries so that they joined up – unless you look closely you can’t see the joins – I was very pleased with that.


This photo shows the quilting detail and the border quilting,

I’m already thinking about the next quilt.