New Socks


Finished this pair of socks last evening. I like the pattern created by the yarn but this time there was an interesting variation – the variegation was obviously planned for 68 stitches – that’s what I started out with and you can see the blocks of brown and light colour. When I decreased to 64 mid way down the leg, the blocks of brown turn into stripes. I’ve never had that happen before – the “patterns” have all been more general and so the decrease in stitches hasn’t made much difference to how the  overall pattern turned out.


Amazing World Map


My sister sent me a link to this image yesterday with the note “Imagine quilts like this!”

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans makes colorful world maps out of Spirograph-produced patterns.

Can you just imagine a quilt map done with large pattern fabric?

I’ve pinned the image on my Pinterest board along with many other ideas. I’ll probably never do a quilt like this but it’s fun to think about trying one.