Asparagus Field – 4

Took a close look at the quilt last evening and decided to do something about the MESS on the left hand side – it was 10:00 pm when I started to pick out the stitching (and there was A LOT). When I looked at the clock it was 3:00 am! This morning I looked again and thought about adding “sky” to break up the blob of dark green on the left – definitely better.

Later, I went to Atlantic Fabrics to see if I could find a bit of wide white lace to add bits to make it seem as if the sky were peeking through the leaves. I’ll do that now – after the doubles tennis match which Canada has just won – it’s now 2:1 Canada/Serbia in the Davis Cup tie. One more day to go – Canada “might” just win this series.

Here is the updated piece:


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