Asparagus Field – 3

Here’s the project at the end of the afternoon:
I managed to get the entire surface covered, the “asparagus” in the foreground placed and tacked down. The big move forward this morning was the bare deciduous trees on the right side. I learned a lot doing that. I had some “eyelash” yarn which I sandwiched between a pale blue batik fabric and some tulle. I then tacked the yarn down and added to it with some free motion embroidery. THE problem, is that I should have used just the tulle – top and bottom; I’d intended the trees to be in front of the spruce behind the house – but when I tried trimming the backing fabric from the branches, I couldn’t get close enough, so I had to remove the branches on the left side, and extend the branches on the spruce to overlap the bare trees – a valuable lesson!

Then I played a bit with the trees on the left of the piece – what I’ve got there right now is a big mess. I have to spend some time looking at it and looking at pictures of evergreens to see if I can resurrect those trees, or whether I will have to cover them over and start them again!

The asparagus field now needs a lot of free motion embellishment – I’ve done some work on the path to the house, but the large expanse of field will need some experimenting – I want to maintain the featheriness of the asparagus, but there also has to be hints of the stalks. I will have to work on a sample to see whether I can get the effect I want.

I stopped at this point this afternoon, packed up all the stuff I’d brought. Time to stand back and think about the embellishing detail.

Finally, we did a “show and tell” – each piece pinned to a styrofoam slab, stood on a ledge, so we could stand back from the work and really look at it from a distance. We were all justifiably pleased with how the quilts look at this point – they all need a lot more work, but everybody got the surface covered, with the beginnings of the embellishing. We’ve agreed to finish the quilts, and send photos to Laurie and one another when we’re done.

It was a great five days!

It poured today. I have no pictures of Lunenburg. I simply came straight home after we finished up. I’ll post photos as I continue working on the piece.

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