Embroidered Silk Shirt

A couple of months ago a friend gave me this embroidered silk fabric in a bundle of silk fabrics she was discarding from her stash — a real find for me. This one I immediately thought would make an “elegant” shirt jacket (two of the other pieces are earmarked for a quilt).

So two days ago I finally cut the shirt out, being careful to match the sleeves, the two fronts, the cuffs, and especially the pocket. The under collar, inside collar stand, inside of the cuffs are done in a solid white silk dupioni which I bought through Etsy.

The real accomplishment was matching the two fronts across the front placket! It really was a lucky accident – because I was careful about matching the embroidery across the two fronts, it happened that the lines aligned across the placket. And the pocket matched exactly the embroidery beneath.

I plan to wear it with a shell underneath, and white pants, I think, at one of the family bar mitzvah gatherings.