I was watching the Men’s Double Tennis Match (Wimbledon) when I noticed the orchids on my dresser in my bedroom (which is where my TV is located). All three are in bloom and the flowers are looking wonderful:



DSCF2690They’ve been in bloom now for a couple of weeks – I expect them to continue blooming for another couple of months. When they’re finished they go into another room and I bring out some more that are in bloom. So there are always orchids in bloom in my bedroom! Even in the winter.




Decided I should begin using up leftovers from other socks before buying more yarn. There was enough yarn in this ball for at least two legs (turned out there was actually a bit more) and I extended what I had with a light pink that blended with the lighter sections of the yarn. I alternated rows for  40 rows in the ankle. This one has been added to the stash – I now have 6 pairs of socks to give away!

New Nightgown for Joan


It was my neighbour Joan’s birthday on Wednesday. A couple of years ago I made her an heirloom nightgown. Two weeks ago she asked if I could fix a rip in one sleeve. The tear was too large to “fix” so I replaced the sleeve – the gown was like new. At the time I thought, time to make her another gown. I use a white batiste and this time I did a bit of embroidery on the yoke. Used a binding on the neckline, and didn’t bother with a lot of fancy heirloom stitching on the hems. I gave it to her this afternoon.

My Garden



I have a rhododendron in a pot which is thriving. Lots of blooms this season.



I have several Sempervivum (Hens and chicks) – this one is just starting to bloom.


I’ve been nurturing this plant all spring – I just wanted to find out what it was – the foliage suggested strawberry – but then the plant got too tall and the flowers are yellow. Turns out it’s a “rough cinquefoil” or Potentilla norvegica – a local wildflower. I’ll leave it alone for this season but pull it out in the fall. I have one other weed growing in another tub – no idea what it is – I have to wait until it flowers to figure out what species I have.