New Socks

Finished last evening. They’re for someone who wears a size 10 woman’s shoe so they’re longer in the foot than my usual socks.

I liked working with this Opal yarn – the pattern held my interest even through the second sock so the work seemed to go quickly. There’s enough yarn left (6 repeats) to do two sock legs so I have to come up with an idea for using a complementary yarn.

One thought on “New Socks

  1. Hi Judith, Happy New Year now that it is January! Were these socks knit with the variegated yarn that makes a pattern as you knit? I seem to remember that this is what you use. Would you share your sock pattern? I have some of that yarn and have started and ripped out one sock, it has never gotten finished! Might be nice to at least finish a pair… Hope it is not too cold in Halifax– so far no snow here, so travel and also walking is easy! I have my tickets back to Bali, March 16 I leave, back April 9. I don’t know if I will get to Denpasar for fabric shopping, but if I do I will buy a couple of the Jelly Rolls, to make that simple quilt! Loved your tilted block quilt, and the problem solving you described with it. Happy winter– Pat

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