A New Quilt

Start with a jelly roll of red batik fabrics from my stash (a jelly roll is a colleciton of 40 strips each cut from the width of a different but coordinated fabric producing a set of 2 1/2″ strips approximately 44″ in length).

Choose 28 strips (making sure to have some light strips, some dark strips and some middle value strips), sew them together in groups of four, then cut into 8 1/2″ blocks. Now what to do with the resulting 35 blocks?

In other quilts I’ve put two blocks right sides together with the stripes at right angles stitched around the outside, then cut into 4 along the diagonals.

This time I simply cut the blocks into halves along the diagonal giving me “half square triangles”. I thought about mixing the striped HST (half square triangles) with light solid triangles and join them without sashing, but the resulting quilt would have been a bit too small. I played with the triangles – decided to sew them together along the diagonal. Next I arranged the resulting blocks into a 5 x 7 array – what emerged were strong diagonal lines that I didn’t expect. Add sashing and a border and the quilt top is done.

For the back I made a few more blocks, bordered them with the light fabric and inserted the strip into the backing fabric.

I finished the quilt this morning. I wasn’t sure it would turn out as I wanted it – the pinned backing fabric wasn’t as smooth/flat as I usually manage to get it but in the end the quilt stitched up nicely.

6 thoughts on “A New Quilt

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    • Yes, I’d do this quilt again (likely will – because I have three more jellyrolls in my stash!) but I’d figure out something different to do with the blocks – maybe make the pinwheel effect stronger by using one or more batik fabrics for half of the HSTs or a tiny print fabric – who knows. I could also do some version of “magic squares” using a solid/batik/or tiny print fabric which would result in something interesting. Probably wouldn’t need sashing, then.

      • It’s recommended that you NOT pre-wash pre-cut fabric. When I’m pressing I use Best Press which does allow a bit of shrinking, but otherwise I don’t have a lot of difficulty. I mostly work with batik which has already been washed in hot water so I don’t find I get a lot of shrinking.

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