Sewing Inspiration

It’s very hard for me to shop because I look at garments and notice the sewing imperfections and remember fabric in my stash and think how easy it would be just to make it. Instead, “shopping” for me is about ideas! 

Yesterday Sheila and I dropped into Desigual – their stuff is interesting although their sizing doesn’t fit me, it’s intended for women 40 years younger and skinnier than I am (I wear a size 12-14!) I actually tried on a black and white shirt in a large (forgot to photograph it) but I’d have needed an XXL (which they don’t make) to hang properly and even then I think the shoulders would have been too narrow.

But there was inspiration galore:

A denim jean jacket with inserts and sleeves in an almost sheer print fabric used in the shirt underneath. I’d never have thought of doing that but now I might.A shirt in contrasting bold colourful prints – I might have considered doing something like this. It’s a reminder to look through my stash of shirt fabric when I get home with something like this in mind.

Inspiration everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the idea. I am up cycling a pair of jean shorts that was given to my grand daughter in to a ruffled skirts. The shorts were to short for her to wear. She didn’t like her bum hanging out. So she asked me to make it in to a purse. I had fabric in my stash that I could use to make it into a skirt that was perfect match. I will have to look around in the thrift stores for a shirt.

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